Payment methods

Payment by Paysafecard

What is Paysafecard?

Paysafecard is the most widely used prepaid online payment method. With the help of the printed 16-character PIN you can make payments on the internet easily, securely and quickly.

You can purchase PINs starting at just 25 RON. Other values available in our country are 50, 100 and 300 RON. We accept PINs both from Romania and from other countries.

Where can I purchase a Paysafecard PIN?

Click here to be redirected to the Paysafecard point of sale search page.

How to pay with paysafecard?

You can pay directly with one or more Paysafecard PINs or you can create a free account on Paysafecard where you can upload your PIN codes, after which you can pay with your username and password.

Payment by SMS

A fast, modern and easy way to pay bills and order services. Supported networks are: Vodafone, Telekom, Orange, and Digi.

Payment by SMS is simple, so you just have to follow the instructions from us on the site when you have chosen this payment method.

Payment by card

Payments by bank card are made by our payment processor Netopia Payments. Bank cards can be issued from anywhere in the world under the logo Visa, MasterCard, MaestroCard or Visa Electron, the transactions being easy to perform and very secure, according to the security standards applicable to card payments. To pay by card you just need to follow our instructions on the site after you have selected the card as the chosen payment method.

Payment by bank transfer

Payment is made based on the proforma invoice received after completing the order. Go to one of your bank's offices or access your internet banking account and fill in a payment order according to the data in the proforma invoice. After you have completed the payment, please contact us to confirm and activate the order.

*Depending on the chosen payment method, it can include additional fees that are not charged by Cloud Center SRL.