Terms and conditions


The use of the word "Cloud-Center" throughout these terms and conditions will identify Cloud Center S.R.L. with its registered office in Ceacu village, Cuza Vodă , str. Victoriei, nr. 17, Călărași county, having the unique registration code 34059290 and serial number at the trade register J51/46/2015, as SUPPLIER.
The services offered by Cloud-Center are aimed at individuals, legal entities, legal institutions, etc. who have the legal capacity to be part of a contractual collaboration, still having the quality of CLIENT.
All Cloud-Center customers are obliged to know and comply with these terms, any violation leads to the suspension of the services offered by Cloud-Center and the customer account with or without prior notice and without the return of amounts paid. Cloud-Center reserves the right to change these provisions without further notice. Regardless of prior notice, your use of the Services constitutes your agreement to such changes.

General conditions

By opting for registration, you agree to provide us the correct name, address and other useful information. Using false data or refusing to update may invalidate your account or make it impossible to contact you. The information you provide must be accurate, current and real.
By accessing your account and using your personal password, you are responsible for all actions resulting from their use. Cloud-Center cannot be held responsible for errors due to customer negligence regarding the security and confidentiality of his account and password. You are responsible for the privacy of this account and are under no obligation to disclose your data (especially the data required for authentication) to an unauthorized person using the account.
The minimum age is 16 years or older. If you are not 16 years old, you do not have the right to use our services. If you are between the ages of 16 and 18, you must have parental / legal guardian permission to use our site and services. We do not assume any responsibility or liability for the age of the customers.
The client can place orders on the website, by adding the desired goods and/or services to the shopping cart, and then complete the order by paying through one of the methods indicated on the website. Once added to the shopping cart, a good and/or service is available for purchase to the extent that there is stock available for it. Adding a good/service to the shopping cart, without completing the order, does not result in the registration of an order, implicitly nor the automatic reservation of the good/service.
You are required not to disclose or copy the various software applications we have implemented on our services.
You cannot change the purchased services or change them between customers (domain transfer, services, credit, etc.).

Service use policy

The way the customer uses the services, provided by Cloud-Center, can affect the proper functioning of the equipment and the network, which affects our desire to provide only quality services to all customers. Therefore the following activities are prohibited:
• using the services in order to create or transmit computer viruses, worms, flooding, mail bombing, port scanning or engaging in denial of service attacks;
• using the services for cryptocurrency mining;
• the use of proxy or IRC scripts, or of the form FormMail, PhpShell or similar, including commercial scripts containing known security breaches, Chat room, wap chats, IRC Egg Drops, torrent trackers, top sites, online games;
• collecting personal information for their use in illegal purposes;
• unauthorized access to data, systems or networks (phishing, spoofing, proxy, hacking, sniffing, etc.), including any attempt to test, scan or test the vulnerability of the system or network or to create security breaches without the permission of the network owner or system;
• any intervention on the service provided to a user, on a server or networks such as: mail bombing, flooding, deliberate actions of overcrowding of the system;
• falsification of TCP-IP packets;
• uploading infected, corrupt files or any other similar software or application;
• restricting or preventing another customer from using Cloud-Center services;
• collecting information or e-mail addresses of third parties without their consent;
• installation of modules / extensions (plugins) that negatively modify the performance of the service, modules that have security problems, modules meant to add virtual players (bots);
• in the case of gaming services, changing the number of slots, here we also understand the virtual slots (additional false slots);
• running or transforming a game server into one that no longer fulfills the purpose for which it was purchased;
• running scripts through times set to intervals of less than 5 minutes;
• changing the BIOS, RAID, IDRAC or ILO configuration features! Any changes to these parameters will cause irreversible damage to the server;
• use of the services in a defective / abusive way, resulting in network difficulties;
• using the services for violating other activities prohibited by the Romanian legislation;

Content policy

The services provided by Cloud-Center offer you the possibility to upload, deploy and operate applications for private and commercial use.
It is the client responsibility to verify their own information in order to respect the copyrights, the registered trademarks. The customer is obliged not to publish content that violates the rights of third parties or the laws in force.
Cloud-Center equipment and network may only be used for legal purposes. The transmission, storage or distribution of any information, data or materials that violate the legal provisions in force or that, directly or indirectly may facilitate the violation of any legal provision, is prohibited.

Under no circumstances the services offered by Cloud-Center will not be used for:
• materials or informational content that infringes copyright, trademark rights and any other intellectual property rights belonging to a third party;
• nudity, child pornography, any image or text with sexual or obscene content, without complying with the legal conditions in force;
• viruses, Trojan horses or similar;
• pirated software or addressed to those who pirate software or practice any similar activities;
• threats, abuse, harassment, slanderous statements;
• any image or text intended to encourage xenophobia;
• text or materials of a violent nature;
• defamatory, insulting, denigrating or slanderous content;
• racial or discriminatory content;
• deceptive, false, confusing or fraudulent content;
• content that invades the privacy of a third party or violates its legal rights;
• vulgar, obscene, indecent or illegal content;

The customer undertakes to respond to requests regarding complaints made by third parties regarding the content within 24 hours of receiving the notification. Cloud-Center is not required to verify or review content posted by customers. Cloud-Center reserves the right to remove or modify at its discretion any customer content that is determined to violate these terms and conditions with or without prior notice, but also the right to further communicate all the information (personal and not personal) to the competent authorities if there is any illegal activity.
If the customer collects / processes personal data, it is his responsibility to ensure that this collection / processing is in accordance with the legislation in force.

Content transfers

Transfers are provided as a courtesy service. We do not make any guarantees regarding the availability, possibility, or time required to complete an account transfer. Each hosting company is configured differently, and some hosting platforms save data in an incompatible or proprietary format, which may make it extremely difficult, if not impossible, to migrate some or all account data. In some cases we may not be able to assist you in a transfer of data from an old host. The free transfer service is available for thirty (30) days from your sign up date. In no event shall Cloud-Center be held liable for any lost or missing data or files resulting from a transfer to or from Cloud-Center. The client is solely responsible for data backups under all circumstances.

Data integrity

The customer will have access to accounts through a combination of user / email and password. He is responsible for keeping this data and other sensitive information safe. The customer will be responsible for any abuse made by the authorized or unauthorized use of this data. Cloud-Center does not assume responsibility for the protection of personal electronic devices used to access contracted accounts / services. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that both applications installed / used on hosting accounts and their own devices are updated and secured. Cloud-Center assumes no responsibility for security breaches in the applications installed by the customer and for any damage caused by their operation. The responsibility in this regard lies with the administrator and the developer of the application.

It should be noted that we do not offer any guarantee for the integrity of backups and the only person responsible for the existence of a backup of the data is the customer.
The customer is responsible for maintaining the security of the customer account and authentication data. The customer is fully responsible for the activities carried out on his account and any actions related to the rented service.

You agree to notify Cloud-Center of any unauthorized access or other security breaches. Cloud-Center assumes no responsibility for any loss or damage related to the customer's ability to repair it. Cloud-Center is in no way responsible for the actions or omissions of the customer or users of the service resources, not even in the case of damages caused in any way by them due to actions or omissions. If some compensations or fines and not only will have to be paid, the client will be obliged to pay these amounts, and not Cloud-Center.

Cloud-Center does not verify the content uploaded, stored or transferred by the customer or any other third party and consequently cannot be held responsible in any case for this content.
However, if Cloud-Center is notified by a competent authority in accordance with the relevant civil / criminal procedural provisions, it will be able to act quickly in order to remove or block access to that content that is the subject of the notification.


The customer undertakes to enter in the form complete data, correct and in accordance with reality. The registration of the domains is done in accordance with the legislation in force. Cloud-Center cannot be held liable for any damage caused by the provision of incorrect or incomplete information by the customer.
Domain extensions are managed by a multitude of different organizations. Each of these organizations has its own terms of registration, administration and dispute. Cloud-Center does not assume any responsibility and does not offer any guarantee regarding the registration / renewal of domains.
The domain registration service operates globally on a "first come, first served" basis.

Reasons for rejecting an application for a domain name:
• incomplete data in the domain name registration form;
• the data in the form are false, inaccurate or mislead Internet users;
• the domain name contains more than 63 characters;
• the domain name contains characters other than the allowed ones - alpha-numeric characters and the minus sign (-);
• the domain name contains the minus sign (-) at its beginning or end;
• the domain name is identical to another already registered;
• the domain name is identical to the one in a previous, valid application;
• the domain name is in bad taste;
• the domain name could contradict the observance of public order;
• confusing domain names;
• domain name that could offend someone;
• obscene or pornographic domain names;
• names of well-known personalities;

Refunds and cancellation requests

The customer has the right to request a refund only if the service has not been activated. Once the ordered service has been activated, refund is no longer possible.
According to the European Directive - Buyers' Rights in the EU, our services fall into both online digital content and other sections of the non-exhaustive list, but also according to Directive 2011/83 / EU of the European Parliament, Article 16, points "a" and "m", on services.
Funds deposited in advance in the customer account in the form of credits are not refundable.
If the customer no longer wishes to use a service offered by Cloud-Center, it is possible to send a cancellation request directly from the customer's account by which he chooses to cancel the service immediately or at the end of the billing period. After processing the submitted request, all data uploaded to that service will be permanently deleted. Also, a canceled service cannot be reactivated after processing the cancellation request.

Anti-Flood Protection

Cloud-Center has flood protection equipment. It is well known that an attack cannot be completely removed, but only detected and filtered using specially configured equipment.
When a DDoS attack is detected on the network, our equipment will trigger the filtering and mitigation of the attack. Due to filtering, some valid requests may be canceled, which may lead to a slowdown or interruption for a period of time of the activity of the services allocated on the attacked server. Interruptions generated by such incidents are not included in downtime.
We reserve the right to immediately close those services that receive attacks of considerable intensity.


Cloud-Center forbids the customer to send more than 500 emails per day, or more than 25 per hour to prevent possible SPAM actions. We reserve the right to suspend or even close accounts that use this method of promotion. According to the legal provisions, it is forbidden to make commercial communications by e-mail, unless the recipient has previously expressed his express consent to receive such communications.

The following activities are prohibited from sending, transmitting, handling, or delivering e-mail messages:
• unsolicited (spam) in violation of any existing law in this regard;
• to addresses that are incomplete or inaccurate;
• to lists that will generate a high number of SPAM complaints;
• to addresses that will lead to the listing of the IP in blacklists;
• which use or contain non-existent domain names;
• which hide or try to complicate finding out the point of origin of the transmission;
• using other misleading addressing methods;
• who use the domain name of a third party without their consent;
• containing false or confusing information;
• containing viruses, corrupt files or any other similar software or application;
• containing material or informational content that infringes copyright, trademark rights and any other intellectual property rights belonging to a third party;
• containing nudity, child pornography, any image or text with sexual or obscene content, without complying with the legal conditions in force;
• containing pirated software or addressing those who pirate software or engage in any similar activities;
• containing threats, abuse, harassment, slanderous statements;
• containing any image or text intended to encourage xenophobia;
• containing text or materials of a violent nature;
• which contained defamatory, insulting, denigrating or slanderous content;
• which have racial or discriminatory content;
• which have been misleading, false, confusing or fraudulent;
• that have content that invades the privacy of a third party or violates its legal rights;
• which have vulgar, obscene, indecent or illegal content;

Technical support

The customer benefits from the support offered by Cloud-Center only if the service for which he requests support is active and has no overdue invoices.
The technical support is offered strictly through the support tickets opened on the site ( https://www.cloud-center.ro/submitticket.php ). The time interval in which the support is offered is presented on the contact page ( https://www.cloud-center.ro/contact ). Response time may vary depending on the complexity of the issue and the level of support requests currently open. Cloud-Center tries to offer a response time as short as possible for requests sent, but sometimes this period can increase up to a few working days depending on the complexity of the problem.

*Support relates exclusively to the error or unavailability of the services we provide, and not to configurations, customizations, settings, etc.

We reserve the right to permanently discontinue support provided in the following cases: indecent language and behavior of any kind to members of our support team, abuse of support requirements. Also in such cases Cloud-Center may close the client account with or without a notification.

The support offered is provided within the knowledge, respectively the experience we have in the respective field, as well as in terms of applications / devices, etc. presented.
We are not obligated to provide support services for various software / games / platforms etc. installed by the customer on our services, these not being part of the actual service offered by the Cloud-Center. In the case of game hosting services, again, we are not obliged to provide support services for things related to the game, such as plugins, the game itself, or others that are not strictly related to the server we offer. In the case of dedicated or virtual servers, the assistance provided by Cloud-Center is an entry-level one - we cannot operate in the server to install / configure various utilities / programs / patches.

Ratings and Reviews

By writing a review through the rating and review option for any of our products or services, you grant us a non-exclusive, royalty-free license to use any of the reviews for marketing purposes and/or in advertisements, newsletters, email and other communications with customers, store materials and other marketing purposes.

In addition, you grant us the right to revise, edit and translate reviews at any time. Cloud-Center will only publish comments that contain relevant information about a product or service that helps other customers make informed decisions and better understand that product or service. To this end, Cloud-Center will not publish comments that are generally inappropriate, indecent or inappropriate language or personal information. Cloud-Center reserves the right to remove any review written by a customer at any time, for example if the comment is found to be in violation of the above, if the product or service is out of stock or if the comment is out of date or otherwise .

You hereby release and discharge Cloud-Center from any obligation to remunerate you for any review and for any intellectual property rights; you also release and agree to hold Cloud-Center and anyone acting on Cloud-Center's behalf harmless from any claims, demands and financial liabilities related to the use of customer reviews as described above.

Payments and invoicing

Depending on the chosen service, the billing period may vary. All payments will be made based on the proforma invoice issued by the Cloud-Center. The equivalent value of the invoice is paid at the beginning of each payment period, within 7 calendar days from the date of issuing the proforma invoice. The customer agrees to pay for the services in advance of the time in which they are provided. Prices displayed in Euro are calculated in RON at the BNR exchange rate.
If the customer does not pay all the invoices on the due date corresponding to them, the account becomes overdue and a delay fee will be applied. If the client does not pay the amount of money due before the due date, the service will be deactivated, being possible the loss of all data on it. A partially paid invoice will not be considered a CONFIRMED invoice. In fact, the services will not be extended! Requests to recalculate the due date on the basis of a partial payment will not be taken into account, in other words: the services will not be extended in the amount calculated per days of use.
Only after paying for the service we can provide it, payment being made in advance for all services provided by us. If the invoice will not be paid within the established terms, then we have the right to interrupt the quality of customer on our website and to denounce.
In order to take possession of the services, the access data for the paid service will be provided on the email associated with your account. Depending on the service purchased, the email with the access data can be received immediately after payment, in the case of automatically activated products or in a maximum of 5 working days for services without automatic activation.
Payments by bank transfer are made at the BNR exchange rate on the day the invoice is generated. For confirmation, please contact us through a support notification to the sales department ( https://www.cloud-center.ro/submitticket.php ), using the reference code!
By making the payment via bank transfer, Cloud-Center cannot take responsibility for the time required to credit the amount to its bank account. It is the sole responsibility of the customer to make the payment in advance, so that the services are paid for in full by the due date. Otherwise, the customer assumes the risk of suspension or cancellation of services, and Cloud-Center cannot be held responsible for any consequences.

Coupons and promotions

Coupons can be used for a maximum of one order (multiple coupons cannot be combined) and are not intended to be used in conjunction with any active promotion. Valid coupons may only be valid for some of the products and services, depending on the campaign in which it was published. We may disable any coupon or cancel any promotion for any reason at any time without explanation. We also reserve the right not to accept a particular coupon if we feel there has been abusive behavior.

Closing the customer account

To cancel the customer account you must open a support ticket to the sales department ( https://www.cloud-center.ro/submitticket.php ). The account can be canceled at any time, but only under the condition of having all the invoices paid.

Limitation of liability

Cloud-Center is not and cannot be held responsible for damages caused by errors, inaccuracies or non-updating of the information published or maintained on the site, which are not due to its fault.

In the event that prices or other details relating to products/services/promotions have been displayed incorrectly, including due to the fact that they have been incorrectly entered into the database, we reserve the right to cancel the delivery / activation of that product / service and notify the buyer as soon as possible about the error that has occurred.

The prices of the products/services on this website are informative until the moment the order is placed by the customer and may undergo unannounced changes. The promotions presented on the website are valid during the mentioned time period. If no time period is mentioned, sale prices are valid while stocks last.

Cloud-Center cannot be held liable for damage caused by the temporary unavailability of equipment or the network, whatever the reason for this interruption. This provision also includes damage resulting from damage or loss of data.

The customer agrees to warrant and hold us innocent in connection with any claims, damages, including, but not limited to, damages caused to third parties, resulting as a result of using the services causing damages to our customer.

We do not guarantee that our services will be interrupted or error free. Our services are offered without any guarantee of any kind. You are strictly responsible for the files you upload to our services. We do not undertake to make updates / updates to servers and / or their systems.

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